Voice data systems represents one of the most important components of modern communications system, without no occupations nowadays can no longer be held. Voice data systems are complex installations, with members cable infrastructure (UTP, fiber optic, cable Multipair telephone etc.), power equipment (PBX, servers, switches, routers, Media Converters, etc.) and equipment for stations work (voice and data outlets, telephones, PCs, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, cameras, etc.).

Communication in a voice-data network is performed based on several standards that define how the physical connections are installed and configured software and protocols. Users benefit from voice networks data (structured cabling) are: flexibility and simplicity in use (eg, a network well configured, the user can connect only new equipment in the network with a minimum of knowledge without requiring the intervention of a team specialized).

Data-voice structure is chosen depending on the size of the building / buildings and the need for workstations. Network cabling can be shaped star, redundant ring or combined, depending on the architecture of the building and the needs of the system (if it implements critical business type network cabling is required in redundant ring).

IT room is the heart of data- voice systems usually here being concentrated lockers splitters (racks), active equipment (servers, media converterele, switches, routers, firewalls, etc.) and equipment liabilities (patch panels fiber optic patch panels telephone and data, organizer, etc.).

Using patch panels choose a plug functionality of data-voice (either connects and configures the switch, thus becoming either a data port that plugs into the telephone distribution frame, becoming a voice port).




Fire protection systems designed and implemented by 3i Automation and Telecommunications are the best solutions to protect people and materials in the area supervised in accordance with the level of risk they are exposed to fire acestea.Any fire can have serious consequences, so investment ln fire is such a vital system for office buildings, warehouses, depozite..etc

Equipment that goes into a fighting system:
  • conventional central fire
  • addressable central fire
  • repeaters and emulators
  • manual fire warning buttons
  • detectors: optical smoke, smoke ionization type smoke barrier infrared smoke with infrared reflective spot, aspiration smoke, temperature, flame
  • addressable modules
  • isolating loop for addressable systems
  • detectors of dangerous substances
  • sirens and optical signaling indicator
  • electromagnets and locking elements
  • battery
  • test devices and service




Electronic burglary systems aimed at protecting access paths in an objectiv by detecting unauthorized attempts to access the protected area. Equipment layout system and alarm intrusion detection is based on the type, shape and location of the lens to be protected and the beneficiary`s requirements. The protected area is divided into zones. Consequently, arming and disarming can be made throughout the system or only specific areas (partitions), in which case we are dealing with a system partition. Arming and disarming the system so conceived can be done by entering a code on a keypad or remote control. The system offers the possibility of memorizing and subsequent consultation events took place in the absence of incinta. Warning in case of alarm is done locally, by sirens or telephone line to a dispatcher of a specialized company for rapid intervention.
Equipment which are part of an anti-theft system:

    detection and alarm central equipped with its own operating software - elements arming / disarming local;
    presence detectors for indoor and outdoor with the possibility of adjusting detection sensitivity and immunity to electromagnetic disturbances;
    glass break detectors to analyze the function of the audio spectrum and infrasound;
    shock detectors with adjustable sensitivity detection;
    magnetic contacts;
    keyboard that allows arming and disarming the entire system;
    peripheral modules (amplifiers, extension modules, multiplexers, interface);
    optical audio warning systems;
    remote alarming elements (telephone communicator interface for connection to an assistance center).




Access control and time attendance systems are a necessary tool for efficient management of human resources in an organization, having an important role in securing the organization. 3i Automation and Telecommunications designs and implements complex solutions for access control, using advanced equipment to identify the persons and limiting access in protected areas.

Equipment which are part of an access control system:
  • central access
  • cards and readers: barcode, magnetic, proximity standard, proximity smart
  • smart readers: fingerprint, iris imprint
  • electromagnetic locks
  • medium height turnstiles
  • full height turnstile




3i Automation and Telecommunications designs and implements security systems for both small and medium sized targets (firms, shops, warehouses) and for large objects (industrial) requiring a high degree of security. Through its specialists 3i Automation and Telecommunications examines the risks posed to your goods providing advice in choosing the best and most efficient solutions for security and protection of video surveillance acestora.Sistemele allow real-time monitoring of events and suspects and registration and playing video images necessary for further verification. The goal is increased security and crime prevention in public spaces or residential, banks, hospitals, transport links and other potential sites. Video surveillance systems offered by our company gives many advantages: the image quality superior (day / night), multifunction configuration (monitoring, archiving, export) algorithm performing compression that will provide improved quality with minimal volume occupied the possibility of consulting the system network or remotely via LAN, TCP / IP, autonomy temporary in case of power failure (UPS for DVRs and power supplies batteries for cameras), stability and high performance at a low price compared with other video surveillance systems.